Our Story

AquariClip founder Lan Ingram realized the need for a portable and effective device that allowed him to capture and share beautiful photos of saltwater fish and coral during his digital marketing work in the saltwater aquarium industry. He became frustrated with the way that blue light in most saltwater aquariums was needed to make the fish and corals "pop" but also distorted his images, confused his camera, and made it difficult to capture and share quality photos and videos.

Looking for something more durable, adjustable and effective than a thin piece of orange plastic, he partnered with Pryzm Labs, a company out of Dallas, TX to bring the AquariClip Universal Smartphone Lens for Aquarium Photography to market. Over nearly a year of research and testing, Lan and his team designed, dyed and tested various shades of orange lenses in order to develop a proprietary orange lens with the exact color shade and intensity they found was best for Saltwater Aquarium and Coral photography. Now that the perfect lens has been designed and tested, we want to share it with the world so that everyone can capture and share the true natural beauty of their underwater creations without all of that excess blue light!

My phone didn’t see the corals the way my eyes did. I wanted to fix that.
— Lan Ingram, Founder, Aquariclip